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Saving Dinner

Hi, I'm mostly a lurker and have been on this community for a few months. I found Leanne Ely thru Flylady and eventually subscribed to Menu Mailer. What everyone talks about is true. Her recipes and menus and grocery lists are great time savers but they also taste good. The price is right for my budget and what sold me was she does Regular 2 and 6 servings and Lo-Carb 2 and 4 servings menus. Now she even has a Southern Hemisphere regular menu that is in reverse because of the seasons. I don't always make every recipe or even exactly like she has it written but both my picky husband and my vegetarian SIL like about 75% of what I make from the Lo-Carb menu mailer and that's much better then my pervious dinner attempts. She's even inspired me to start making my own menus (I've got to start cleaning out the deep freeze). I'm so glad this menu subscription service has helped me break away from the restaurant and fast food cycle. Yuck! I'll post my "Cleanin' Out The Deep Freeze" Menu in a day or so. Anyhoo, I just thought someone else might have fallen into the dinner rut like me and I didn't want to "hoard" my little secret. LOL
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