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I'm not spending as much time at the computer as I used to.. Looks like I've let myself get WAY behind!

Menu for 02/16/04 - 02/22/04

  • Monday: spaghetti & meatballs, salad

  • Tuesday: beef stif fry, brown rice

  • Wednesday: springtime orzo (with ham & peas)

  • Thursday: Chick-fil-A (It was a school fund raiser.. and Sarah's class won a ice cream party for the most participants!)

  • Friday: Macaroni & cheese, peas

  • Saturday: leftover spaghetti

  • Sunday: canned soup, grilled cheese sandwiches

Menu for 02/23/04 - 02/29/04

  • Monday: pizza

  • Tuesday: chicken cacciatore, brown rice

  • Wednesday: double corn & chicken chowder

  • Thursday: hot dogs, green beans, roasted potatoes

  • Friday: leftover soup, grilled cheese sandwiches

  • Saturday: cheesy italian sausage pie, salad (this was a huge hit.. even with Violet!)

  • Sunday: leftovers

Menu for 03/01/04 - 03/07/04

  • Monday: pizza

  • Tuesday: tacos, corn

  • Wednesday: pasta with alfredo sauce, salad

  • Thursday: cheesy italian sausage pie (Yes, again. It was that big of a hit..)

  • Friday: canned soup, ham & cheese sandwiches

  • Saturday: leftovers, salad

  • Sunday: smothered swiss steak, green beans, potatoes

Menu for 03/08/04 - 03/14/04

  • Monday: soup, ham & cheese sandwiches

  • Tuesday: Ruby Tuesday

  • Wednesday: meatloaf, broccoli, mashed potatoes

  • Thursday: potato chowder, salad

  • Friday: hot dogs, macaroni & cheese, green beans

  • Saturday: leftover soup, pb&j sandwiches

  • Sunday: leftovers

Menu for 03/15/04 - 03/21/04

  • Monday: smothered & covered chops, rice, sugar snap peas

  • Tuesday: rotisserie chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, gravy

  • Wednesday: spinach & ham quiche (this was EXCELLENT.. Hopefully, I will post a recipe tomorrow..)

  • Thursday: chicken & rice soup, ham & cheese sandwiches

  • Friday: chicken quesadillas, salad

  • Saturday:
    Breakfast: sausage & apple strata
    Supper: leftover quiche

  • Sunday: leftover soup, salad

BTW, I seem to be the only one posting. Anybody out there still reading these? :)
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