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Remember that menu thing?

Yeah, I'd sorta forgotten about it, too. ;) I moved about a month ago and I've gotten in some real bad habits since then. I'm shopping at the end of the week, but not planning out what I'm going to be cooking. So we ate, but I have two weeks of unaccounted for menus. (well, one is written down, but I have no idea which week it is cause I didn't date it.. )

Anyways, I'm gonna skip January 19th through February 1st. I'll just chalk it up to moving. (which is true, obviously...)

Menu for 02/02/04 - 02/08/04

  • Monday: chicken alfredo pasta, caesar salad

  • Tuesday: chili dogs, baked beans, spinach

  • Wednesday: pea soup

  • Thursday: taco salad

  • Friday: pizza

  • Saturday: lentil shepherd's pie

  • Sunday: leftovers

Menu for 02/09/04 - 02/15/04

  • Monday: ham pot pie

  • Tuesday: Olive Garden

  • Wednesday: leftover soup, ham sandwiches

  • Thursday: leftovers

  • Friday: chili topped baked potatoes, broccoli

  • Saturday:
    Breakfast: pancakes, bacon, scrambled eggs, smoothies
    Supper: toasted almond chicken pilaf, peas

  • Sunday:
    Breakfast: oven pancake, bacon, eggs
    Supper: spaghetti with meatballs, salad
    Dessert: bread pudding

Now to start planning next week. I've got ingredients to use up. :)
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