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In Need of a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster...

catch up

I've been very neglectful of my menus. Well, posting them at least.. I did this week's and next week's on Sunday. Since we're moving, I went for lots of easy stuff. :)

Menu for 01/12/04 - 01/18/04

  • Monday: leftover shepherd's pie

  • Tuesday: hot dogs, beans, peas

  • Wednesday: pizza, salad

  • Thursday: rotisserie chicken, mashed potatoes, spinach

  • Friday: chicken salad sandwiches, chips, carrots

  • Saturday: takeout

  • Sunday: canned soup & sandwiches

Menu for 01/05/04 - 01/11/04

  • Monday: pork chops, cornbread stuffing, mixed vegetables

  • Tuesday: pizza, salad

  • Wednesday: takeout

  • Thursday: beef stroganoff, green beans

  • Friday: leftovers

  • Saturday: spaghetti, salad

  • Sunday: lentil shepherd's pie

Menu for 12/29/03 - 01/04/04

  • Monday: out of town (Had dinner at a friend's house)

  • Tuesday: pizza

  • Wednesday: skillet mac n beef, salad

  • Thursday: leftovers

  • Friday: baked chicken, stuffing, squash

  • Saturday: chicken noodle soup, grilled ham & cheese sandwiches

  • Sunday: spaghetti, salad

Menu for 12/22/03 - 12/28/03

  • Monday: meatloaf, broccoli, mashed potatoes

  • Tuesday: dinner out

  • Wednesday: tuna sandwiches, tomato soup

  • Thursday: Christmas dinner

  • Friday: dinner out

  • Saturday: leftovers

  • Sunday: leftovers

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