TigMode (tigmode) wrote in menu_planning,

Menu for Thanksgiving Week

Sorry I haven't been around to post......I got some bizarre high fever that had me hospitalized for almost 6 weeks, then I went into premature labor, and just came home in the last week.

Here's my menu for next week (with first trip to market tomorrow.....a trip to someplace other than a doctor's office seems like such a treat!)

Sunday: breakfast--hot corn bread with butter and honey and coffee
lunch--tomato soup and toasted cheese snadwiches
dinner--greens and beans with cavatelli, garlic bread

Monday: swiss steak with mashed potatoes and steamed green beans

Tuesday: baked lemon chicken with herbed rice and glazed carrots

Wednesday: chinese take out (I have pies to bake!)

Thursday: turkey with sage dressing, sour cream mashed potatoes, gravy, baked squash, green beans with almonds, scalloped corn, cinnamon apple rings, russian salad, waldorf salad, wild rice salad, pumpkin pie, cranberry apple pie, dinner rolls.

Friday: no leftovers (it's my mother's turn to keep everything this year)
breakfast--sauteed onion and smoked gouda omelettes
lunch--on the go, going shopping!
dinner--spaghetti al oglio with broccoli, tossed salad

Saturday: breakfast--french toast
dinner--vegetable stew with herbed dumplings
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